Your body speaks when your face is silent (article)

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Many ways are present to express what we feel for a certain event, person, or thing. And, the most common one is making facial expressions in response to something in our lives. As children, we don’t feel bad to express anything through our faces in the way we want. But we’re gradually taught not to make faces to avoid all types of verbal and non-verbal fights. That’s how our dual faces originate slowly and steadily.

Anyway, we’re smart enough to hide our face impressions and still convey our messages through other body gestures. In today’s age, people use body language signals everywhere to convey their meanings properly without any risk of conflicts. I’ll give you an example in the next para.

Suppose that you’re present at your best friend’s birthday party area, and his brother suddenly comes and verbally irritates you. Then, you don't show your irritation through your face but try to hide your anger as much as possible. But you might use other body signals (e.g. your distancing feet from that teaser) to show your irritation for his brother’s rude behavior. Isn’t it!

When we are not afraid of conflicts, we still have to conceal our face impressions due to the fear of embarrassment. For example, we can’t let anyone know about our hunger/thirst through the expressions of our face in a gathering even if we are extremely hungry or thirsty. We’ll pretend to be okay. Don’t you feel so!

By the way, do you have any idea of universal facial expressions? Yes, seven universally recognized face impressions exist for all of us. These are happiness, sadness, fear, disgust, anger, contempt, and surprise. Interesting, isn’t it!

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