Vision statement, mission statement, & values of CBA (web content)

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Vision statement of CBA:

CBA aspires to be the leading company of ladies’ ready-made garments for the whole world. Our main goal is to distribute outfits to women of different cultures, nations, and classes internationally.

Mission statement of CBA:

We strive day and night to become the biggest international brand of women’s ready-made clothes honestly, diligently, and strategically. And, we ensure the efficacy of our products and services.

Our core values:

Some core values of our firm, CBA, are:


We consider honesty as the major core value of our company. Because we feel that our success is not possible without being honest with our employees, customers, and even ourselves in achieving long-term goals.


We don’t believe in the value of sympathy. Instead, we believe in empathy. So, whenever our clients get upset with our items/services and our workers with our business plans/decisions, we help both parties empathically. In this way, they’re able to understand that we care for them like we do for ourselves.


We believe that careful and persistent work habits play a great role in the success of every firm. That’s why we never take diligence for granted. This is the virtue that causes high-level profits by making us reliable for our clients.

Strategic work style:

No successful business is based on unclear business plans. This is the same case with us. We plan and replan to make our final plans applicable to move our business forward reliably. Or, our strategic work style makes the commercial road smooth for us.


We know very well that alarming changes are not negotiable or resistible. And, our acceptance of unpleasant changes always helps us in completing all projects strategically. A company not only requires a positive mindset but also needs the unending courage to adapt negative changes. And, we apply both of these to maintain our business during hard times.

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