Terms & Conditions

My aim is to become a well-known writer of this world. For this, I set nine rules for my portfolio site that are:

  1. All work matters must be discussed in a civilized manner between the writer and the clients. So, any rude remark is not allowed by both sides.

  2. I follow payment per word (PPW) method for my writing services, and I charge 0.2 USD per word.

  3. I would work with any client only on Fiverr. All payment procedures, business conversations, and work files will be dealt through my Fiverr profile only.

  4. I shall work from 10:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m according to the time of Pakistan. And, Saturdays and Sundays will be my business days as per the timing of my country.

  5. Your privacy is my priority. So, I won't leak your details anywhere without your permission in most cases except a few conditions. For example, if the law courts or public officials demand the data of my users from me, I shall have to deliver the information to them. And, I use Google Analytics to measure everything related to the traffic of my site. Google has its distinct privacy policy that you can read here. If you decide to opt out of Google Analytics tracking, view the opt-out browser add-on page for Google Analytics. And, take the required action there to stop the tracking of your activity/activities by Google.

  6. Your financial security is important for me. That’s why if you feel unsatisfied with my work, I’ll return your money. And, I’ll use that work as my sample, and you’ll get your money back.

  7. You can also contact me for long-term projects. For contacting me, please call at +923078792987 or email on abehayat@writermahar.com.

  8. This website works under the laws of Pakistan, so its owner is answerable to Pakistani courts only in case of a legal issue(s).

That’s all about my work rules as a freelance content writer. I hope that you’ve understood my conditions and will abide by them always.


When you contact me for work, it is understood that you agree to accept and follow my terms.

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