How can Mahar help you as an seo content writer?

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In this digital era with so many hard to beat competitors, every site owner has to focus on the content more than ever before. Now, you might be thinking, “In what ways can I make my content stand out on the top pages of Google for my targeted keywords?”. Right! Good question. I’ll answer this below.

What your audience wants to read is easy to find. But to create the content of their needs is not simple. A search engine like Google always promotes user-friendly content for its searchers. Your content has to follow some guidelines for being up to the mark for your readers and search engines. These content guidelines are:

  1. Your article must be written around your selected keyword or medium/low competitive search phrase of a search engine.

For example, a medium/low competitive keyword might be 'leather wristwatches for ladies'. That keyword must be placed three times in the article. In which sections? In the beginning, body, and end of your article.

  1. Your content must be written without excessive words/phrases.

  2. It must not have mistakes of any kind like grammatical errors and typographical issues.

  3. Your piece must be engaging for your audience.

  4. It must have a standard formatting style. Usually, double line spacing, Arial or Times New Roman font, black font color, and different headings (properly placed) are used to format an article.

  5. Your content must cover all the important sides of its topic or provide an all-in-one solution of the users’ query.

I might help you by writing your content while following all the above guidelines. And, you could also see these guiding points reflected in my writing samples on this website. Whatever be the type of your business except any one of those mentioned on my FAQs page, I am here to assist you as much as possible.

For example, if you want to increase the subscribers, sales, or downloads of your site, I can write effective content for you. I am able to write such content for your blog or website because I am trained and experienced to do this. I'll explain my training and experience in the below para.

Well, I am an M.A English and completed various article writing courses on LinkedIn. And, I have been working there for more than one year as a freelance content marketer.

For more info, you might see my educational and professional details on my LinkedIn profile. Feeling satisfied? If yes, please call/SMS/MMS me at +923078792987 or email me on for any content writing task/project.

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