FAQs for clients

Q no. 1 Will you transfer all your copyrights to me if we work together?

A. Yes, I shall transfer my copyrights to you in exchange for the payment.

Q no. 2 Can you write articles in the UK or US English reliably?

A. Yes, I can write my content in the UK or US English reliably. I know about the basic differences between both languages. And, you might check my writing samples for your satisfaction in this matter.

Q no. 3 Is your writing service fee negotiable?

A. My writing service fee is not negotiable.

Q no. 4 When do you review your writing service rate?

A. I review my writing service rate after three months.

Q no. 5 How do you receive your payments?

A. Skrill, Payoneer, and direct bank transfer method are my payment sources.

Q no. 6 Will you add other online payment methods including current ones?

A. Yes. Other payment methods will also be added on my site ASAP.

Q no. 7 Do you write content for sites of all kinds?

A. No. Some sites which I don't write for are gambling, hacking, pornography, beer, dance, and music sites.

And, I do not create pieces to promote the meat shops of some animals/birds/insects. These organisms are pigs, cats, dogs, and other living things that are considered objectionable as food items in the community of Muslims.

Q no. 8 What are the policies of your business?

A. I believe that only one policy is enough for me to apply everywhere whether the matter is of personal or professional life. That is honesty which is the best policy.

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