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In today’s life, all are busy doing their work in time. But for this, time management is important. We know that none can make progress without managing his/her time effectively. And, many people face issues of time management because they don't apply tips to properly manage their time.

To become a good time manager, we have to remove a few hurdles and control some factors in our life. Now, let’s talk about these factors first that are:

Setting of goals:

You might have heard that goal setting is the most important factor in the life of a person who wants to make progress. So, this element is important for YOUR time management as well. You should set your goals first and start your work in the morning. Planning is necessary for every activity. Whether you pass your day according to your plan or not, make planning your habit because you'll improve it with the passing time. You cannot become a great planner in a single day. You will invest some time to better yourself as a planner. But at least, you will attain some targets if not all. So, keep on making plans for your daily activities.

Breaking down of tasks:

You would easily complete your work in time if you divide it into small parts. How? I’ll explain this through an example. Let’s suppose that you want to complete an office assignment that has four different activities. For completing that project, you need to divide your time for each task. When you finalize every activity within its allotted timing, your project gets managed timely.

Showing patience after failures:

Hmm, you can’t master any difficult skill within a brief period. You'll have to spend some time to learn time management reliably. If you quit learning this skill after some failures and become hopeless, you could lose the games/trials of your life every time. So, never give up.

Logging of free-time activities:

Note your free-time activities and calculate their durations. The point is that you can notice and leave those offline or online sites that cause the wastage of your time. You might think that logging of all hobbies is a time-consuming task. But, it will benefit only you and at a remarkably high level.

Prioritizing all routine works:

It’s a good thing to set your goals. But, it’s equally important that you prioritize them. So, I recommend you complete your urgent tasks first. Then, look forward to finalizing your remaining works.

Now, I’ll discuss some common mistakes that cause poor time management. If you avoid them, you could achieve your regular goals easily. These errors are:

  1. Not making to-do lists

  2. Not setting regular goals

  3. Not prioritizing targets

  4. Not controlling distractions like social media, phone, and parties

  5. Not doing any work without the intentional delay

  6. Not rejecting people’s work requests when necessary

  7. Not understanding personal work limits

  8. Not leaving multitasking during a particular activity

  9. Not taking regular breaks

  10. Not scheduling assignments


In other words, honestly apply time management tips and regularly work on yourself to be a great time manager. You'll learn the skill of managing your time completely. Just don’t lose your hope, guys.

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