ABC folding beach cart review (2020)

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Are you getting bored in your home/office? Wanna spend a day(s) on a desirable spot to have some fun? If yes, we can help you. How? Simple. Only you have to do is pack up your beach gear and go to your favorite seaside to relax your body and mind. You should refresh yourself there. An interesting idea! Don’t you feel so! But, for loading all your items reliably, you need a standard beach wagon. And, we have a credible folding cart to help you in this matter. Wanna know more! Then, keep on reading.

We’ve analyzed blue ABC foldable cart for you. We’ll share our analytical points with you that are:

Weight capacity and portability:

The load capacity of this collapsible wagon is high enough for being 150 lbs/pounds. Great, right! And, this trolley is also portable by nature for two main reasons. First reason is that ABC cart is very foldable. And, in its folded state, it covers such a small space of your vehicle’s trunk that you can carry the cart anywhere while traveling. Another reason is this trolley is lightweight, or its weight is very low. So, you could easily lift this wagon. These causes make it portable up to a great extent. Impressive features! Don’t you feel so!

Handle and wheels:

This heavy-duty cart has a strong, plastic-made, and padded pull handle for users. The pad of this handle is made of credible and comfortable material, rubber. The rugged wheels are also made of quality-oriented plastic. And, rotating front wheels of this trolley are easier to be moved and directed. Let’s move to other aspects of the wagon below.

Other aspects:

The cart’s fabric is made of reliable 600 denier polyester. It has two small pockets for storing your little items like juice cans and potato chips. And, the wagon has a fabric cover case as well. You could lift the cart after placing it in that case through a clothe-made holder. That’s all about the remaining sides of this foldable wagon.

Well, the time has come to talk about the pros and cons of this ABC cart. So, let’s move on. The pros of ABC trolley are:

  1. The cart has some high weight capacity, 150 lbs.

  2. It is portable due to being foldable and lightweight.

  3. It has a strong and padded pull handle made of plastic and rubber.

  4. Its durable wheels are made of reliable plastic.

  5. Its fabric is made of 600 denier polyester.

  6. The cart has two small pockets for extra storage.

  7. It has a clothe-made cover case having a fabric holder for its packing and lifting respectively.

Now, if we talk about the cons of ABC cart, it has only one con. And, that is it’s somewhat pricey.

Hmm, only one thing is remaining. Any special feature of ABC wagon. ABC wagon’s special feature is its portability and maneuverability (ability to be moved and directed easily. A great attribute, right!

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